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Caleb from Broke Straight Boys

Caleb Broke Straight BoysStraight guy with average cock

Broke Straight Boys Videos

Broke Straight Boys is back with a hot solo from unemployed poor stud Caleb, who is so desperate for cash that he's willing to jerk off on camera for gay guys in exchange for a few hundred bucks. Yeah, the economy is bad, but those of us that love straight boys, get lots of perks when straight boys need to put food on their table.

From the site:

Hopping up on the bed, Caleb scooted back a few inches. Wrapping a hand around his semi hard cock, Caleb started to work on getting hard as he watched some straight porn. He moved onto his knees, his hand moving up and down his hardening shaft in a vigorous manner. Somewhat nervous, Caleb couldn't help but glance towards the camera every now and again. It wasn't long before his dick was rock hard, Caleb panting from work out. I suggested that he roll over onto his stomach and hump the bed, something that he had obviously never done before. Laying on his stomach, Caleb shot a glance towards the camera as he gently rubbed his cock up and down the bed sheets. As he gripped the edge of the mattress, Caleb's ass cheeks clenched on every downward slide. I asked him to spread his ass cheek, Caleb reaching behind and obligingly holding his cheek's apart, showing off his virgin hole.

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Micah Andrews and Alex Andrews Fucking

Alex Andrews and Micah Andrews

My Gay Boss Videos

Alex Andrews owns a rapidly expanding gay porn studio and needs a new video editor. Micah Andrews really wants the job but there is just one problem ... Micah is straight and married. Alex doesn't understand how a straight guy could possibly know what turns on a gay guy, but Micah is really eager for the job and Alex really wants him to have it. Micah being so easy on the eyes probably has something to do with the eagerness of Alex to hire him.

Alex decides Micah Andrews can have the job, but only if he really understands what turns a guy on. Alex can think of only one way for Micah to really "get it" and that is for Micah to have Alex Andrews big thick uncut cock planted firmly in his own virgin ass.

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Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen

Amateur Straight Guys Videos

Cliff Jensen is a straight boy that comes from a military family in Florida. Cliff drops by the Amateur Straight Guys how to drop a load for us!

The video starts off with Cliff answering questions about his family, his childhood and his fantasies. After revealing lots of details, he works his now hard big cock out of his shorts, exposing it for us to see and marvel at. He starts jerking his cock and completely forgets that there is a camera watching him. Cliff Jensen is a exhibitionist at heart and loves showing off. He doesn't mind if it's guys getting off to him, he just wants to show off!

Not only does Cliff have a big dick, he also has a great ass, a chiseled chest and just enough tattoos, but not too many. He's perfection! Just when you think it can't get any better, Cliff delivers a huge load of cum!

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Gay Twink Fetish

Gay Twink Fetish

Boynapped Videos

Every once in awhile I like to mix things up and check out hot twink fetish porn from Boynapped. What's great about this site is you get both a plain vanilla section with hot twinks fooling around in traditional settings as well as Boynapped Dark, which is the darker side of porn with lots of kink.

This Boynapped Dark update features Kenzie Madison and Calvin Croft enjoying hot and cold (hot wax and ice) as well as CBT, restraints, pissing (golden showers) ... and each other.

Smoking hot Kenzie Madison lets his cold heart do all the action in this chilling scene. He uses ice to cool Calvin Croft's body before heating him back up again by pouring hot wax all over his torso. The quick changes make Calvin twist and turn, showing off his rippling muscles. Kenzie uses Calvin's body, then he attaches a pump to his penis and pulls it to maximum capacity. Once Kenzie is done he sends in Ashton Bradley to finish the humiliation off with a nice warm golden shower.

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