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Straight But Willing

CircleJerkBoys.com is for folks who love amateur straight guys that jerk off alone and with other dudes. When the cameras are on them, these guys start to do things that you could never imagine they would!

The site has a ton of exclusive videos, photos, interviews and best yet, it is updated weekly!

Two words: fresh meat!

The site features cream of the crop guys showing off just for you. It has been around for a few years (meaning there is a TON of stuff for you to watch and do) and has guys doing everything from jerking off to having wild group sex. In other words, just about anything you'd want is on the site!

A membership does not buy you access to just one site. In addition to getting access to CircleJerkBoys.com, you also get access to ExtraBigDicks.com, MenOver30.com, BoyzParty.com, and BoyzGoneBad.com. That means you get access to FIVE sites for the PRICE OF ONE!

I am going to do something a little different with this update. You know, you see so many cocks here. These guys (all from CircleJerkBoys.com) are actually in their clothes. You get to use your imagination for once! Of course, members get to see these guys naked and showing off, so get your membership now!




I just signed up for gcruise.

At first I thought it had to be fake guys -- they all looked too good.

Boy was I wrong. They are real!

I still haven't decided if I am upgrading, but anybody can get a free account. Go for it!

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Ridge and Josh – A New Broke Straight Boys – Gay for Pay

This time around they have two straight boys performing together. Josh has never done porn before, while Ridge has worked with Broke Straight Boys in the past.

Josh is 19, in college and really behind on his bills. Before the shoot, he was also two months behind on rent and desperately needed cash. He knew he was doing gay for pay but also knew he'd make more money than doing straight porn.

Josh's hobby is working out at the gym. It is very evident as he strips -- he has great pics, the V-line that gets you instantly hard, a nice ass and a beautiful cock.

The videographer tricks Josh, originally telling him that he will be doing a solo shoot. Of course, in typical BSB fashion, in comes super hot Ridge. Ridge is also straight and Josh is the bait. Ridge puts Josh at ease and explains how he can make more money.

They start off jerking off and giving each other hand jobs. Ridge goes down on Josh (who has never done anything with a dude before) and shows him that it's OK for a straight guy to suck cock for money. Josh must be turned on by the blowjob because he starts to precum.

Then it is Josh's turn to suck dick for the first time; this straight boy has gotta make his money.

See what happens as straight boy Josh sucks
cock for the very first time!

BrokeStraightBoys.com updates their website with a hot new video and amazing pictures twice a week. Members seem to love it; and more people sign up for Broke Straight Boys from our site than any other pay site.

The best part is that we are able to offer our readers a special $1 three day trial. The trial is all include, which means you get access to all of the bonus sites, too. If you add up the cost of all sites, it would be more than $100/mo. Through us, you can get access to them all for three days, for only $1!  Get your Broke Straight Boys gay for pay $1 trial membership here.



Battle Cry 3 by Active Duty

As usual, whenever I post some Active Duty stuff, I get emails asking for more.

Well, to those that sent in emails, here you go. Apparently, yesterdays update wasn't enough and you need to see more of this hot military gay porn. So, listening to you as always, today's update is more Active Duty!

This time, the video is Battle Cry 3. The video features Kaden, Dorian, Conrad, Payne.

You have to watch the video to understand how hot the scenes actually are, but if you do not feel like watching right now, I think Dink describes the scenes best:

  • Relaxing in the hot tub, playing in the pool...
  • Dorian loses his power bottom status...
  • A few beers and some R&R on the couch with porn...
  • Conrad's plea to bottom...
  • Dorian gets the party started...
  • The first kiss and the switch...
  • Payne readies Conrad's tight ass for the fucking...
  • Dorian takes Conrad's virgin ass for a ride...
  • Conrad wants to ride the donkey... [ed note.: haha, wtf!?]
  • Meanwhile Payne is balls deep in Kaden's hot ass...
  • Conrad cums as he rides Dorian's side-saddle...

If you think the descriptions are hot then you must watch Battle Cry 3 by Active Duty to fully appreciate how hot they are.


Watch the entire video of Battle Cry 3 by Active Duty