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The Joke Was on the Pride Protesters

Some protesters showed up at the London Pride event in an effort to remind the gays that homosexuality is a sin.  Don't even get me started on this; if there is a God, he made me and if homosexuality is "free will," I would have made the much easier decision of being straight.  I knew I was gay when I was six.

Anyways...the picture below is PURE GOLD!  Score 1 for the gays, -1 for gay protesters.


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Next Door Buddies

The reality is that there are a ton of gay porn sites out there.  We spend all day staring at gay porn but every once in awhile a site comes across our screen that makes us wonder if we've been living under a fucking rock.

Next Door Buddies is a site that we've known was out there but that we have never spent much time looking at.  OUR MISTAKE!  This site is fucking amazing and features some amazingly hot guys.

We are now kicking ourselves in the ass for not exploring this site sooner.  Don't make the same mistake we did!  Below are just a couple of the hot guys featured on the site:

See the Rest of Next Door Buddies


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Gay Tube Update

It was just four days ago that we introduced you to our free and new gay tube.

At the time we only had something like 16 videos.  There are now 106 videos and we will be adding more by the day.

The Boy Tube is rapidly growing and we'd love you to share in our success.  Please visit and bookmark our gay tube.

At Queer Lust (and our other sites) we're all about getting you off!  Now that we've added our free gay tube, you can jerk off to hot gay porn videos without paying a penny!

What more could you ask for?  Please support us by visiting and bookmarking The Boy Tube.

Gay Tube by The Boy Tube


The Boy Tube – Our New Free Gay Porn Tube

We we grow again!

We officially launched our new gay tube, The Boy Tube just a few hours ago.

We only have a handful of videos up tonight, but we wanted to give our faithful readers (you) a sneak peek at our latest project.  Please visit and bookmark The Boy Tube, as we will be adding new videos daily.

While many sites only have short teaser clips, The Boy Tube has longer clips that you can actually get off to.  We try to make sure that each clip is at least 2 minutes, with a good mixture of 5+ minute clips.

Keep in mind that this is a legal tube site, so you're not going to be finding full-length videos here.  We do not support porn piracy and hope you do not either.

Please check out our new tube site and let us know what you think!


We are also getting a Twitter account setup so that you can be alerted when new videos are added. Please follow us @TheBoyTube.

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