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Flip Flop Fuck

I was browsing through A-List Boys, another one of my sites when this caught my eye!  I had forgotten all about this video so I went and watched it again.  After I came while watching Jesse getting fucked by Patrick, I thought "hey, maybe the guys reading Queer Lust will appreciate it as much as I do!"  So, here you go...

The sexy Jesse Swift was giving Patrick Kennedy a relaxing massage when things took a turn.  That massage turned into a lot more, with the boys doing a bunch of dick sucking, ass licking and then flip flop fucking!  You can tell that Jesse and Patrick are really into each other and that makes this video all the hotter.

I think one of the big problems with a lot of porn these days is that the guys don't always look into what they're doing.  That never seems to be the case with Twinkscape, which is why it is one of my favorite sites.  The Twinkscape guys are not only into each other, they love having sex in front of the camera.  It's real, it's raw, it's intimate.  I always feel like I am watching two boyfriends have sex and there is nothing hotter!

Head over to Twinkscape to see for yourself.  Go ahead and sign up and give it a shot for a month -- I think you'll be as happy as I am!

Jesse Swift and Patrick KennedyPatrick KennedyJesse Swift Fucks Patrick KennedyPatrick Kennedy Fucks Jesse Swift - Flip Flop

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Funny: Video Phone – Behind the Scenes – Beyonce & Gaga

This made me LOL...

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Video: One of the Biggest Cocks I’ve Seen!

This is by far one of the biggest cocks I've seen:

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Broke Straight Boys Threesome

I almost creamed my pants without touching my cock when I logged into Broke Straight Boys the other day to see Preston, my most recent favorite Broke Straight Boy in a threesome with Zach and Kyler -- two equally cute boys.

If you didn't know, Broke Straight Boys was famous for having a studio with a simple futon (usually with a blue sheet covering it) and nothing more.  They've grown a ton of the last five years and have moved on up to much nicer digs.  This video, featuring these three hot straight boys, was the last to be shot in the old studio.  Hey, if you're a huge fan of the site like I am, things like this matter to you -- it's all about nostalgia.  It's like watching your little brother go off to college!

Anyway, when I logged in and saw the three of them, I figured it'd be a straight boy oral threeway or something.  I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that one of these straight boys was getting fucked.  My favorite straight boy Preston wasn't the one taking the cock up his ass, rather it was Kyler.  Preston did get to fuck Kyler and that sent me over the edge.

I look at a lot of porn.  I look at so much porn that I usually don't jerk off to everything that I watch.  This video was so hot that I was jerking the whole time and although I was turned on and wanted to cum sooner, I held out and cam at the same time as Preston.

I am so in love with Preston.

Go ahead and join Broke Straight Boys for a buck.  If you are not happy with your membership, you can cancel and owe nothing more than the buck you paid.  Upon signing up you will have unlimited viewing and downloading of all 300+ Broke Straight Boys videos along with the thousands of photos from each and every video made over the last five years.  Plus, they are currently updating the site is a new, exclusive and never before seen video every two to three days now.  Few other sites out there (if any) update as frequently with exclusive content.  If you love straight boys, you owe it to yourself to spend that dollar and see more straight boys than you can whack your stick to!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that members also get bonus access to a bunch of other sites -- I think it's like six total that you'll get access to!  All of those sites for a buck!  Check out the site for the details...

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Straight BoysKyler, Zach and Preston - Broke Straight BoysBroke Straight Boys ThreesomeKyler, Zach and Preston Fucking

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