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Meet Sexy Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde is a sexy new model featured on Perfect Guyz.  The name of the site pretty much says it all; they only feature the hottest amateur guys.  No overdone porn boys here, just real guys (but really hot real guys) that you are likely to see while going about your every day life.  You know, the guy you see in the bar that you think is gorgeous but you still cannot get the guts to go approach.

See more of Christian here.

Christian Wilde Stats:
Age: 20
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Shoe Size: 13
Dick Size: 8" cut
Athletic Build

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Anything to Get into the Frat

Haze Him is taking the gay porn world by storm and there is a reason why.  It is probably the best gay porn site to hit the net in at least three years.  It's 100% amateur, 100% real, 100% sexy and 100% HOT!

These guys want to get into the frat so badly that they will do ANYTHING! They have to go through hell week just like every other pledge, but with this frat, things are a little different.  You have to prove that you have with it takes by serving up your mouth and your ass to the brothers.

The videos are fun to watch and will get you off.  They are entertaining but will also get you rock hard to where you cock will be begging you for relief.

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College Debauchery at Haze Him

Haze Him is an amazing site that shot to being one of the most popular gay porn sites on the net shortly after launching.  I was checking out the ranking and was shocked at how fast it grew.  When a new site grows like that, it can mean just one thing:  it's super hot ... and damn is Haze Him a hot site!

Members are in for a real treat!  The site features real college sex tapes where college boys that want to get into the fraternity have to subject themselves to some intense hazing that includes sucking off their future frat brothers and taking their cocks in their ass.  Only after these boys prove that they have a worthy mouths and asses are they granted membership.

The videos are real alcohol fueled parties.  As you can see from the shots below, there is no lack of alcohol to liquor these guys up and get their inhibitions down.  As we all know, drunk frat boys love to get their dicks wet ... but in these videos they aren't sticking their cocks into the girls in the room; they are sticking them into the other guys.

Unlike the many "fake" porn sites out there, there is nothing fake about Haze Him.  These boys are drunk, horny and ready to shoot huge loads of cum!

Below are a few shots from a video.  You can see the rest of the shots here, or you can watch the Haze Him video here.

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Drunk College Orgy Poolside

Kenneth, Donovan, Justin and Johnny were getting drunk poolside when an offer was made.  The offer was to fuck on camera for Broke College Boys and earn money to party with.  These are poor college boys that will do almost anything to earn some quick cash.

Kenneth is 25 (he must be on the five year plan), Donovan is 18, Justin is 27 (I hope he's getting his masters by now) and Johnny is 19.

The video starts off with the boys drinking and playing strip poker.  Kenneth and Justin lost and had to peel off their clothes first.  The boys were shy so the Broke College Boys guy had to offer an extra $200 for the boys to get naked.  Once all of the negotiating was done, the boys ended up agreeing to $1,500 to suck and fuck each other.

Things get hot real quickly.  While the boys start off one-on-one, before long there is a guy with double penetration, everyone is sucking cock and getting blown, hard dicks are bouncing all around and it's just a big fun fuckfest with college students that are driven by their horomones.

Here are some photos from the video.  You can watch the entire video here.  You should join Broke College Boys for a buck.  Yes, just $1 will get you immediate access to this awesome site featuring exclusive videos and photos of college boys getting paid to suck and fuck along with bonus access to a handful of other great sites -- all for $1!  If these photos get you hard, join for the buck to stream or download this entire video along with all of the others in the members area.  They don't use DRM, there are no limits and each video includes a matching photo set.  It's a great value and you get it all for $1.


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