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A Guy and His Boy Toy

What happens when you have a tiny pocket twink at your disposal?  You fuck the hell out of him in positions that you will never achieve with anyone else.

Here we have Mark and Keith from Broke College Boys.  Keith is 24 and an administrator at a local college.  He hasn't fooled around with guys before, but tiny pint sized Mark (small guy, big dick -- one of my favorite combinations) looks like he can be fun!

It takes some convincing for the two guys to fool around with each other but in no time, the boys are naked and tiny Mark is doing all kind of fun with this Kevin's big cock!

Click here to take a free tour of Broke College Boys and watch the preview vids.  Using this link, you can join and get instant access for just $1.  If you're not happy with the site (I'm convinced you will be), you can cancel and pay nothing more than that dollar you spent to join!

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Haze Him Tube

I got some Haze Him videos up at The Boy Tube.

I've embedded a few here.  You can watch all of the Haze Him videos here.

Watch Full Haze Him Video

Click Here to Watch All Haze Him Videos

Watch Full Haze Him Video

Click Here to Watch All Haze Him Videos

Watch Full Haze Him Video

Click Here to Watch All Haze Him Videos


Lee and Shane Go Gay-For-Pay

Lee and Shane have been by the Broke Straight Boys studio before.  Members responded well to them, so they decided to pair them again together again.

Lee had only gotten his dick sucked up until this point and hadn't even sucked another straight boys dick.  Lee was a true gay-for-pay newb until this episode!  Shane, on the other hand, always needs money and knows that if you want to keep making money from Broke Straight Boys, you're going to have to go further than the time before when on camera.

The original offer was $1,500 to the guy that bottoms and $1,000 to the top.  Lee said he wouldn't do it and Shane spoke up and said that he would for $2,000.  They agreed and the boys got naked and started doing their thing.

This is a super hot scene and you can watch it here or see all of the photos here.

Did you know that you can join Broke Straight Boys for a buck?  Yup, $1 gets you instant access to the site.  That's not all though, members get bonus access to six additional sites.  Six sites for a buck.  This isn't one of those porn scams, either, all of the sites are worth the membership price themselves and you get porn overload as soon as you invest that dollar in your penis.  Go ahead and give Broke Straight Boys and try.  If you're not happy, just cancel and owe nothing more!

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Keg Stands Gone Wild?

I really feel jipped on the whole college experience when I realize that frat houses like this exist!  The college experience for guys that like cock isn't usually the same for guys that like pussy.  We don't have a ton of parties where we can do keg stands, meet a hottie and score in our dorm room a little while later.  Haze Him does though!

Not only do they throw amazing parties with lots of college debauchery, these guys get naked in the name of being drunk!  A lot of these parties get caught on camera, like this one.  Not only is there great video, there are also lots of hot photos.

You can watch trailers of the latest updates here.  If you like Haze Him, and you will, you can join for just $4.95 and get instant access.  What's great about Haze Him is that it's not just like a few updates are like this wild party below -- they are ALL like that!

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