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Gay Public Sex in South Beach

Justin was visiting his friend in South Beach when he told his buddy that he wanted to pound some fresh meat.

Out in the streets of Miami the guys went looking for some nice juicy boy bubble butt.  It turns out that Justin didn't really have much game and couldn't find a guy.  His friend took over on the boy hunting expedition and found a nice southern boy named George that was also on vacation.

The boys tempted the visiting George with a tour of South Beach. They told George that they'd take him to their friends house when they were done sightseeing.

It turns out the the "friends house" was really a house under construction.  The house was empty except for these three hot boys and that didn't stop Justin and George from hooking up right there on the concrete!

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Out in Public

I stumbled across a hot site by the same people that brought up the hugely popular Haze Him.  The site is Out in Public and has gay public sex videos that you will not find anywhere else!

I checked out the site, loved it and got a membership!  It was well worth it because I love real amateur gay public sex and that is just what Out in Public gives its members!

As you can imagine from the name, all of the guys suck, fuck and do other naughty things outside -- all at the risk ofli being discovered and possibly arrested.  Gay public sex at its best!

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I found an Out in Public tube video for you to enjoy:

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Out of Control Barn Party

This east coast fraternity has an annual winter party that got out of control when the brothers decided to have a little fun with the new pledges -- and record it all.  What these poor pledges did not know is that the video would be sent to Haze Him for all of the members to enjoy!

These frat brothers were brutal on the pledges.  Screaming at them like they were trash, making them do push ups, jumping jacks, sucking dick and other degrading things.  The pledges took it all like champs because they really want to get into the frat.

Here are some photos from the big party in the barn.  This video was added to Haze Him on March 4th.  Members get access to this video and all of the others, as well as photos, screen caps and more.

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More Haze Him Videos

I've been working on launching a new site named Boy Takes.

There have been a lot of Haze Him videos uploaded in recent days and I wanted to share a few of them with my faithful Queer Lust readers.

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