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Frat Boys Running Naked Drills

This video was submitted to Haze Him by a fraternity in Ohio. Apparently, the haze brother here likes to make sure that all of the pledges are willing to "take one for the team."

It gets better though! Not only does he tell the pledges that they have to do their drills naked, he tells them that the loser will have to suck off and fuck the winners! What are the pledges going to do? They really want to get into this fraternity and in Ohio and have proven that they will do whatever it takes.

Click here to watch the video; a loser sucks off a winner!

Want to see more? Click here and visit Haze Him to watch the free videos on the tour (they're great!).  For the time being, you can join Haze Him and get instant access for $4.95!

Watch this Haze Him Video

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