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Cleaning Balls at Haze Him

The latest submission to Haze Him is a video of young pledges forced to clean the frat house after a wild party. Rather than just making the pledges clean, the older frat brothers decided to humiliate them and had them "dress" in nothing but aprons.

As the pledges were cleaning the frat boys decided to have even more fun with them and make them start doing really gay shit ... the pledges were forced to clean the frat brothers balls ... and then the frat brothers got off at the benefit of the pledges. The young cute blond boy takes a huge load on his shoulder ...

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Watch Dick Dorm Videos at Queer Lust!

Dick Dorm is a site that that has taken the world by storm. It features straight and bi college guys who love to party it up. Of course, the more they party the gayer they get. As is normal these days, there is usually always someone filming the party. These guys were not paying attention to the camera and the next thing you know they're on Dick Dorm since the person shooting the video found out they could sell the tape for $10,000 to the site!

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Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

Watch Full Dick Dorm Video Now!

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Dick Dorm

I was looking around the internet tonight for something hot and new to jack off to when I read about this great site called Dick Dorm. I visited and damn is it a hot fucking site!

It's a site that features hot college guys getting into all kinds of crazy shit at college. Horseplay ends up becoming sex and there is always a student around to catch it all on camera.

Here are a few photos from Dick Dorm. You can see all of the Dick Dorm photos here.

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Tricked Guys Gloryhole Site

This poor straight guy thought that he was heading into the adult bookstore to get his cock sucked off by a girl. He was halfway right -- there was a girl there, but he didn't get what he bargained for.

The girl was used as straight bait by her gay ... she talked to the guy and got him to pull his cock out so that she could feel it and tell him what a great cock he had. Then, right as she was about to start going down on his cock, her gay stepped in and started to go down on his huge cock.

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