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Straight Friends Blow Each Other

Mike and Josh are real life friends that dropped by the Broke Straight Boys studio to make some quick cash together. Mike damaged his 4 wheeler and Josh wants to buy one and they know that as straight boys that go gay for pay together they can make good money. There is some arguing over how much and who gets it but the boys finally decide on a number and get down to doing gay things to one another.

Josh is a cute smooth boy that is sucking dick for the first time. To make it even more awkward, he is sucking his straight friends cock! Josh was a little shy at first but he started to get more into it when Mike’s cock started to grow in Josh’s hand and mouth.

After Josh sucked Mike’s cock for awhile it was time for Mike to blow his straight buddy. Mike is going down on Josh’s cock but Josh’s cock is only halfway hard. Mike must have figured out what to do though because before long Josh’s cock was hard in Mike’s mouth as he sucked him off.

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Check out the trailer for the new Twinklight movie!

I've been keeping tabs on the production of the new Twinklight movie for quite some time. I am now happy to announce that it will be released on June 30th. Please bookmark my site now and check back for more sizzling details as the release date approaches.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer ... it's HOT!


Haze Him Protein Shake

I logged onto Haze Him to check out the latest update and instantly fell in love with the frat boy above in the striped blue shirt. Look at that cute face and huge cock!

Haze Him is a college hazing site where the older frat brothers usually fuck with pledges. The site buys tapes from students at colleges around the country. In this video the pledges wanted to fuck with the frat brothers and started jerking off on the older frat brothers doorknobs. They were busted in the middle of doing it (and since they were filming it, it was hard to deny!) and got punished.

The pledges had to suck on the cocks and balls of a big frat brother. You can tell by the look on their faces that they are humiliated and do not want to do this -- especially on camera! Then they are forced to teabag each other. After the teabagging they have to form a human train with each of their noses in the guys in front of them ass.

This ended up getting them horny and they decided to fuck!

Watch the full video here!

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Dick Dorm Cocks in Socks

Dick Dorm just updated yesterday with a hot video featuring a lot of naked college boys doing really gay shit that was all caught on tape. The deal with Dick Dorm is that they pay handsomely for videos that are submitted of college boys doing really gay things. Sometimes it ends up being a big sausage fest and sometimes there are girls flashing their boobs. The only requirement is that the video be hot and full of naked college boys doing gay things.

This update was both sexy and hilarious. I've always imagined that when college boys get naked together they try to cover their junk with socks. Apparently, I was right -- they do!

After they were doing being modest these boys started playing with each others cocks. The fondling turned into blowjobs with turned into ... well, just watch the entire video here to see what they do!

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