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Suck My Dick, Blond Boy!

What a treat when I logged into Haze Him to check out their latest updates. The bleached blond boy above really caught my eye and I could not wait to see his cock. I was treated to more though -- after his frat brothers man handle him, they make him suck their dick -- and then there is lots of fucking and even some frat paddles involved. Kinky!

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Twinklight Movie Out Now – Watch X Rated Trailer Here!

Twinklight is finally out!

From the site:

In this highly anticipated feature film Billa plays an innocent twink searching for a new beginning. What he finds is the dark and dangerous world of vampires; an erotic and cryptic society filled with fucking and blood sucking. Billa spirals deeper into the underworld as he falls for the forbidden but irresistible Edmund, a strong and powerful vampire. Twinklight is a dramatic and graphic expose on the secrets, horrors and sexual fantasies of vampires. Watch as these young and deadly monsters take whatever pleasures they desire, reveling in a world of unrestrained gratification and hardcore twink fucking. Watch for more feature films from the new vampire saga Twinklight!

Earlier I brought you a tamer trailer. Now below you can see the super sexy X-Rated Twinklight movie trailer!

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Click Here to Watch Full Twinklight Movie!


Real Fraternity Gay Rituals

It is simply unbelievable that you can get instant access to Haze Him for as little as $4.95 and that you get all these impossibly hot and steamy frat boy hazing scenes for as little as that.

It is simply a bargain when you realize that these straight frat boys are getting the gay hazing of their young lives and that they provide you with so much fun and games.

Check out this particular frat party, for example. It comes to us from Ohio and it features some ripped, sexy guys going through some mad hazing before they are accepted as full members of the frat. Since the college is proud of its football team, it is only logical that the hazing is going to be something about football and these guys didn’t even imagine what they would have to go through.

They were told to strip and remain only in their football gear. Then, they were told to do pushups, squats and all kinds of other exercises, naked while the frat members watch them. It ends with two of the candidates sucking and fucking each other in the locker room. Only at Haze Him can you find content this hot.