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Broke Straight Boys Bareback

Erik and Ross dropped into the Broke Straight Boys studio -- and onto the infamous futon -- because they each needed money. This is their second time on the futon; the first time Ross did it to be able to buy school books and Erik did it so that he could buy a car.

In this video they fuck bareback. I believe this is a first for Broke Straight Boys, as I've always seen a condom. So if you're been waiting for Broke Straight Boys bareback, now is the time to join to watch this super hot scene.

Below are some photos of Erik and Ross before they fucked bareback and fucking bareback. Watch the Broke Straight Boys bareback video.

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Haze Him What What in the Butt

The crazy guys over at Haze Him fail to disappoint.

If you haven't heard about the site yet, here is the rundown. They pay frat guys to send in videos doing crazy gay shit. Are they gay or are they straight? Probably a mix. Some of the guys seem really uncomfortable and really straight. However, Haze Him pays a pretty penny for these videos and when straight guys are partying and not in their right mind they'll probably do all kinds of crazy shit if they know a big payday is involved.

This update is called What What in the Butt. As you can probably image, the frat brothers get all kinds of crazy shit shoved into their asses after some good old fashioned cock games. You can peep the whole video here.

Haze Him has a hell of a deal going on where you can get access to the site for just $4.95. Click here for the special Haze Him pricing.

Watch What What in the Butt Video

Watch this Haze Him Video Now!

Watch this Haze Him Video Now!