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Gay Creeps

Have you heard about Gay Creeps yet? It is an awesome site where gay guys try to convert their straight roommates.

The videos are hot because a lot of them include the gay roommate spying on the straight one like in the photo above. Once they get big enough balls (no pun intended), they take things to the next level and try to blow their roommate and even fuck or get fucked by them.

Although it is a newer site, they already have a ton of videos. Plus, your membership includes access to Gay Room, their network site.

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Gay Creeps Videos

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Thank You for an Amazing Year

On this last day of the year, I would like to thank you, the Queer Lust reader, for making 2010 such a great year.

This blog has experienced phenomenal growth in 2010 and there are now thousands of you who visit each day. In fact, 10% of you are faithful readers that come back again and again. A special shout out to the faithful readers.

If you're not a regular reader of Queer Lust, I invite you to become one. I update this blog every day with the guys I find hot. If you like what I like, I will introduce you to a lot of great sites that will get you off. Or, you can just look at all of the pics and watch the videos. Your choice.

Thank you again, and I look forward to 2011 being an even better year.

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Broke College Boys Eric and Reigner

Today's update is courtesy of Eric and Reigner from Broke College Boys.

From the episode description in the member area of Broke College Boys:

I was hanging out in the kitchen with Eric and Reigner. Eric is back for the summer and Reigner dropped in to check out the new guy. Reigner has found a kicking job that he likes and is making some cash, but Eric is still in college and in need of cash. I got right to the meat of the issue and offered these hot boys six hundred dollars to fuck for me, and that wasn't enough for Eric. He has tuition to pay, so I offered them both eight hundred dollars to screw for me. They bitched a bit, but eventually agreed to fuck for eight hundred dollars.

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Broke College Boys Videos

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Dick Dorm Fun

If you haven't heard by now, Dick Dorm has quickly become one of the most popular gay porn sites. Why? Hot guys -- many of them straight -- all of them amateur -- doing really gay shit on camera to get $10,000 from the site.

This episode is called Let's Hear It and the description from the members area is:

Did you hated your roommate back in college. Well, this guy takes the hate to a new level. In this episode of dickdorm we have the classic roommate battle of one guy is super clean, while the other is a pig. Poor Kevin cant stand filth anymore, so he comes up with a plan to invite some of his friends while his roommate is away, and have a gay old time all over his roommate stuff. This party gets so out of hand that by the end there is a straight friend questioning his own manhood. Now thats what dickdorm is all about.

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Dick Dorm Videos

Dick Dorm Review

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