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Straight Boy Threesome

Today's update is from Broke Straight Boys and let me tell you, there are so many cocks going into different holes that I cannot even keep up with it all!

From the member area of Broke Straight Boys:

On the futon today are Scott, Leon and Ryan. We got right down to business, discussing how much they wanted for an anal scene. Ryan wanted $1300 but I countered with $1200 while Leon joked that for $2400, he would drink a cup of cum. With the price decided upon, the boys stood up and stripped off naked, turning around and flashing their well rounded asses to the camera. As the boys were talking about who was going to suck cock first, Ryan took the lead and went down on Scott, prompting Scott to form the Broke Straight Boys Wave by swallowing down Leon.

Both Scott and Ryan worked hard on the cocks in their mouths; Scott deep throating Leon and making him moan for more while Ryan treated Scott's cock like his favourite candy. They swapped, the Wave going the other way with Ryan leaning back and enjoying the feel of Scott's wet mouth on his cock even as Leon pulled out all the tricks with Scott. Scott had certainly paid attention when receiving a blowjob as he had Ryan groaning in pleasure while Leon was lavishing attention on just the head of Scott's dick. Switching it up, Scott sat up on the back of the futon, Leon kneeling on his left and kissing him passionately while Ryan, on his right, bent down and sucked on Scott's dick while also jerking Leon off. [read the rest...]

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Haze Him Contest

This Haze Him episode is from a fraternity on the East coast.

Haze Him decided to have a content where they would pay $10,000 for the craziest submission. This video won.

Above and below are some photos from the Haze Him video.

You can watch the video here.

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Jake Lyons and Ryan Matthews Fucking

Today's Queer Lust update features Jake Lyons and Ryan Mattews fucking on camera for Next Door Twink.

The boys were caught messing around and wrestling out near the garden. This was before they were ready to shoot and had no idea that the camera was already watching them. That ended up being a bonus for us viewers as they are having their fun with no knowledge of the camera running. Of course, they eventually find out -- we do need close-ups after all! Once they knew the cameras were watching, they stripped down and got to the real business of fucking.

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Gabe Krol Fucks Spencer Stone

Today's update is from College Dudes (formerly College Dudes 24/7) and has the sexy Gabe Krol fucking Spencer Stone.

From the member area of College Dudes:

Gabe gives Spencer the slam-fucking of his life in this spectacular fuck. Even though this was Gabes first time fucking a guy, he did not hold back one bit, and Spencer - after getting an amazing blow job - gets completely pummeled. We were surprised that Spencer could walk after the scene was over! You are definitely going to get your rocks off to this rocking scene!

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