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James Jamesson fucks Alex Andrews

Today's update is from one of my favorite sites, Next Door Buddies. This episode, published on 2/24/11, features the hot ginger James Jamesson fucking the beautiful Alex Andrews, who has a great cock and awesome bubble butt.

James and Alex are hanging out and cracking some jokes when James suggest a game of pool to wind down their day. During the game, James becomes increasingly aggressive. Alex, wanting to see how James will react, sticks his bubble butt out of his jeans and bends over to take a shot. This is all James needs to push him over the edge and he starts working his tongue all over Alex's tight little hole.

This friendly game of pool turns into an all out fuckfest, with Alex going down on Jame's nice cock with red pubes while James cannot think about anything other than when he can get his rod into Alex's pink hole.

James Jamesson fucking Alex Andrews Video

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Bait Bus Videos

Today's update is from a popular site that has been around for years: Bait Bus.

If you're not familiar with Bait Bus, what they do is they ride around in a van with a camera, a hot girl and a gay guy. They approach a random straight guy on the street and offer him cash to hookup with the hot girl in the back of the van ... on camera. If he agrees, he gets in and they start driving around. The girl gets him all horny and then puts a blindfold on him. This is when the gay guy takes over. After he blows the straight guy for awhile, the blindfold comes off and they inform the guy who was really going down on him. Of course, he's disgusted, but they remind him that he's already done gay shit and they throw even more money at him if he'll agree to fuck the gay guy. The guy usually takes the money and fucks the other guy. When the whole thing is over, they kick the guy out of the van and don't even pay him!

In this Bait Bus video, it is Kevin Crows that is the unsuspecting straight guy. As you can see in the Bait Bus video, he goes all of the way and fucks Connor Maguire.

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Jarrod Price Fucks Rob Ryder

I logged into College Dudes just a little while ago to find something to blow my morning nut to and settled on a video of Jarrod Price fucking the blond and adorable Rob Ryder.

From the College Dudes member area:

Both Jarrod and Rob have a little experience when it comes to fucking - however, this scene stands out among their work to date. To start with, Rob Ryder was completely hard even before we started the photo-shoot, even with his clothes on. His cock was standing at attention even with his gym shorts on, and it would not go down, so we just started the scene like that. Maybe it was the prospect of getting fucked by Jarrod, who is know pretty well known for his power-fucking? At any rate, Jarrod was very excited to finally get a crack at Rob and his hot tight asshole, so the scene is out of sight from the beginning. The passionate kissing leads into some hot cock-worshipping blow jobs, and after Jarrod preps Robs hole with his tongue, Rob rides Jarrod like a maniac. The fucking is intense, and Rob and Jarrod put on quite the show. After Rob finishes riding Jarrods cock, Jarrod bends him over on the bed and fucks him silly, then flips Rob on his back and fucks the cum out of him. The ending is hot - after Rob cums, Jarrod licks Robs cock clean before proceeding to unleash a huge load himself. Fucking great!

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Out in Public Videos – Sweet Tennessee Ass

These photos are from the Out in Public video called Sweet Tennessee Ass.

The camera man is hanging out with Christian Wilde, looking for a random guy that will agree to have risky sex with Christian out in open, where anyone can happen upon them. They are at a local joint in Miami and come across a sweet Southern boy that turns out to be from Tennessee. They ask the cute guy is he is willing to get his mouth wet for a small fee, and he says yes. Christian Wilde and the guy go to an abandoned building in Miami and get their suck and fuck on in this hot Out in Public video.

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