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I love public gay sex. While the furthest I'll go is skinny dipping in an apartment building's pool, the guys featured on Out in Public go much, much, much further! The site has guys fucking in convenience stores, restaurants, parking lots of office buildings and a ton more crazy places! Sometimes they get caught by an old lady who goes nuts and other times they're just seen by people who must think they are imagining things.

This episode is called "In the Middle of Nowhere." These guys think they won't get caught because they're in an area of Miami that is known for railroads and tumbleweeds (OK, Miami doesn't have tumbleweeds). These two hotties get going and next thing you know, some random guy is wheeling a tire across the field. I guess the building they thought was vacant really wasn't!

See what else happens by clicking here to watch this Out in Public video.

I bet you love public gay sex as much as I do! Since a lot of Queer Lust readers do, I went ahead and hooked up a deal with the owner of Out in Public where you can join the site and get instant access for just $4.95. Click here to get that special pricing and go ahead and join now just in case they decide to kill the deal!

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