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Gay Twink Fetish

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Every once in awhile I like to mix things up and check out hot twink fetish porn from Boynapped. What's great about this site is you get both a plain vanilla section with hot twinks fooling around in traditional settings as well as Boynapped Dark, which is the darker side of porn with lots of kink.

This Boynapped Dark update features Kenzie Madison and Calvin Croft enjoying hot and cold (hot wax and ice) as well as CBT, restraints, pissing (golden showers) ... and each other.

Smoking hot Kenzie Madison lets his cold heart do all the action in this chilling scene. He uses ice to cool Calvin Croft's body before heating him back up again by pouring hot wax all over his torso. The quick changes make Calvin twist and turn, showing off his rippling muscles. Kenzie uses Calvin's body, then he attaches a pump to his penis and pulls it to maximum capacity. Once Kenzie is done he sends in Ashton Bradley to finish the humiliation off with a nice warm golden shower.

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Alex Cumming Cums in His Boxer Gloves

Alex Cumming

Alex Cumming is a breakout pornstar popular on the site Boynapped. Most of the boys on Boynapped are British, but Alex Cumming comes via New Zealand, ending up in the Boynapped Penthouse hoping that Sebastian, the older gentleman with a fetish for younger uncut boys, will dominate him.

Luckily for Alex, he is just Sebastian's type and they do some role playing, with Sebastian playing the young sexy boxer about to get a physical, and Sebastian playing doctor.

Boynapped Videos

Boynapped is broken down into three sections: Boynapped Light, Boynapped Dark and Boynapped Ultra Dark.  Boynapped Light features sexy uncut boys having vanilla fun with each other. The Boynapped dark gets into kinkier stuff like pinwheels, light bondage, pinwheels, etc. As you can imagine, Boynapped Ultra Dark gets into the heavy bondage, hot wax, and other very kinky stuff. The site has something for everyone, which is why it is my favorite site for uncut twinks. Click here to take a free tour of Boynapped.

Alex CummingAlex Cumming

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