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Caleb from Broke Straight Boys

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Broke Straight Boys is back with a hot solo from unemployed poor stud Caleb, who is so desperate for cash that he's willing to jerk off on camera for gay guys in exchange for a few hundred bucks. Yeah, the economy is bad, but those of us that love straight boys, get lots of perks when straight boys need to put food on their table.

From the site:

Hopping up on the bed, Caleb scooted back a few inches. Wrapping a hand around his semi hard cock, Caleb started to work on getting hard as he watched some straight porn. He moved onto his knees, his hand moving up and down his hardening shaft in a vigorous manner. Somewhat nervous, Caleb couldn't help but glance towards the camera every now and again. It wasn't long before his dick was rock hard, Caleb panting from work out. I suggested that he roll over onto his stomach and hump the bed, something that he had obviously never done before. Laying on his stomach, Caleb shot a glance towards the camera as he gently rubbed his cock up and down the bed sheets. As he gripped the edge of the mattress, Caleb's ass cheeks clenched on every downward slide. I asked him to spread his ass cheek, Caleb reaching behind and obligingly holding his cheek's apart, showing off his virgin hole.

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Broke Straight Boys Aiden and Tyler

Broke Straight Boys updated today with a hot scene featuring Aiden and Tyler. Both boys (now admittedly, more bi than straight considering how many times they've fucked guys for cash) are fan favorites for very good reason.

From the member area of Broke Straight Boys:

Broke Straight Boys is very lucky to have back both Aiden and Tyler. They are in the studio today to film a follow up to their oral shoot; an anal scene. While Aiden has bottomed for other studios, he will be topping today which means, Tyler is bottoming. Tyler is never that keen on bottoming, however, once into it, the expression on his face tells the real story. I told Aiden that he would be getting $1000 for topping and that Tyler would be earning $1500 for taking such a big cock.

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Straight Guy Gets Fucked for the First Time

Ricky has no job, which is exactly what Broke Straight Boys likes, as it is easier to get them to do things they normally wouldn't do.  During a phone call where Ricky was complaining about being broke, they offered him $1,500 in quick cash if he was willing to bottom.  Not being in a position to turn down money like that, Ricky agreed and came into the studio where he ended up running into Logan and Shane, who he would end up doing his scenes with.

The video starts off with the boys playing with themselves in their underwear before standing up and stripping them off.

The guys laugh and joke with each other as they compare both soft and hard dicks.  You can sense that there is tension in the room -- these are straight guys after all -- but it's a healthy tension where curiosity is mixed with some sexual aggression.  It makes for a perfect mix.

Ricky came through and he gets fucked by the guys.  I'm not allowed to show too much of that, but you can see it here.

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Straight Boy Threesome

Preston, Ashton and Leon are three broke straight boys that were willing to go gay-for-pay in exchange for some quick cold hard cash. I recognize Preston, but Ashton and Leon may be first times, I'm not really sure. What I do know is that Preston is one of my favorite Broke Straight Boys.

These three boys start off by having an interview with David, the guy that shoots for the site, and then they stand up and start stripping off their clothes. After they play with their own cocks for a little while they reluctantly suck each other. Then, to earn even more money, they fuck! Preston serves up his tight straight boy ass in this video and I couldn't be happier.

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