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Haze Him DoughNUTS

Haze Him Doughnuts

Haze Him Videos

This weeks Haze Him submission is from a fraternity in Florida, where a party with food gets out of hand. The pledges are hungry because they had to fast for three days to prove their loyalty to the frat. Now that they can eat, their frat brothers decide to have some fun with them and make these college boys 'work' for their food. They can have a doughnut if they're willing to work it off a dick, or they can eat pizza, if they fuck another guy.

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Gay Toga Party

Gay Toga Party

Haze Him Videos

Tonight is the frats big toga party and the pledges have to scrub the house and get it ready for the party. During this, they must also cater to the whims of the more senior frat boys, feeding them grapes, fanning them and more.

Only a few pledges are allowed to the toga party so they have to wrestle for invites. The winner gets a coveted invitation and also a blowjob from the loser. They don't tell the boys this before the wrestling, but they soon find out.

The losers find out they have to go even further for not coming in first place!

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College Boy Physicals Tony and Keith

College Boy Physicals Tony and Keith

College Boy Physicals Videos

Tony and Keith headed into the doctors office to get their test results for their sports physicals. Since these hot jocks were only there for test results, the doctor, who was running behind, had them wait in an exam room together.

What the good doctor never anticipated was that these two seemingly straight jocks would hookup in the exam room while waiting for the doctor in this College Boy Physicals video.

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FraternityX Tag Team

FraternityX Tag Team

FraternityX Videos

Today's Queer Lust update is from FraternityX and their video called Tag Team.

Ayden is a horny frat boy who loves blowing his frat brothers. Nothing makes him happier than having two cocks to work on at once and that's just what he gets in this video and Ayden slides down on his knees to go down on two of his buds.

The guys switch back and forth, each manhandling him and shoving their cocks deep down into his mouth while controlling his head with both hands. After going back and forth and using Ayden's mouth, one of the guy decides to lube Ayden up and bury his cock in his hole while he's still blowing the other guy.

This hot tag team threesome heads with lots of jizz flying all around the room and landing on the guys and the furniture.

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