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Micah Andrews and Alex Andrews Fucking

Alex Andrews and Micah Andrews

My Gay Boss Videos

Alex Andrews owns a rapidly expanding gay porn studio and needs a new video editor. Micah Andrews really wants the job but there is just one problem ... Micah is straight and married. Alex doesn't understand how a straight guy could possibly know what turns on a gay guy, but Micah is really eager for the job and Alex really wants him to have it. Micah being so easy on the eyes probably has something to do with the eagerness of Alex to hire him.

Alex decides Micah Andrews can have the job, but only if he really understands what turns a guy on. Alex can think of only one way for Micah to really "get it" and that is for Micah to have Alex Andrews big thick uncut cock planted firmly in his own virgin ass.

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Dustin Fitch fucks Micah Andrews

Dustin Fitch fucks Micah Andrews at Phoenixxx

In this hot video from the site Phoenixxx, Michah Andrews gets fucked by the ass hungry top Dustin Fitch.

The chemistry is great between these two guys. You can tell that Micah enjoys having Dustin's big power tool inside of him and loves the fact that it is Dustin pounding his ass and giving him so much pleasure in this hot Phoenixxx video.

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Cliff Jensen fucks Micah Andrews

Holy shit, how did I miss this video of two of my favorite gay pornstars, Cliff Jensen and Micah Andrews? I was just going through Next Door Twink and came across this video from December, that I somehow missed.

From the members area of Next Door Twink:

It's the hot new action sport that's sweeping the nation - BITCH DODGEBALL!!! There's drama, excitement, and pulse-pounding action as Cliff Jensen hurls his balls at the blindfolded Micah Andrews. Cliff is a ruthless competitor with a rocket arm and Micah is a helpless twink at the mercy of Cliff and the neon thonged madman, Angry Pete.
You've got front row tickets to witness the intensity as young Micah goes from dodging balls to licking them when Cliff decides he wants some action from this bitch. And from the way Micah sucks his cock, Cliff knows his asshole will be nice and tight for his enjoyment. So join us in the NextDoor dodgeball arena...just don't piss off Angry Pete!
Cliff Jensen fucking Micah Andrews video!

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