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Three Active Duty Military Guys Swapping Blowjobs

Authentic military guys sucking dick at Active Duty

Active Duty Videos

Check out these three hot guys swapping blowjobs at Active Duty, the site that brings you authentic military guys!

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Active Duty Kaden and Evan Flip Flop Fuck

Active Duty Evan and Kaden

Today's hot Queer Lust update is from Active Duty, where the adorable fan favorite Kaden flip flop fucks with Evan, a guy that Kaden recruited.

Here is part of the scene description from Active Duty:

Evan finds himself on his hands and knees again with Kaden's tongue and finger in his ass. It's obvious that he's on fire and ready for Kaden to mount his ass and take it for a ride. Kaden saddles up and moves in, slowly burying his hard cock deep in Evan's tight little ass. The moans that Evan lets out tell the story. He's getting exactly what he wants as Kaden goes balls deep in his ass and fills him full of hot cock. Evan's own cock is bouncing in the breeze as Kaden hits that prostate over and over. Evan's ass is so small and tight that Kaden's cock looks huge going in and out of it. Kaden directs his little star to sit on his cock and Evan does just that. Anything to please Kaden seems to be what Evan wants. Now this is really hot to watch and Evan's tight hole stretches to accommodate Kaden's hard cock. You can literally see it stretching out as he sits all the way down on it. Kaden's balls are tight as he reaches back and stretches Evan's cheeks open and takes over the plowing from below. From there he flips Evan over on his back and continues to plow him deep as Evan strokes his own hard meat. Evan wraps his legs around Kaden's waist and pulls him in closer. It looks as if Evan might shoot his wad any minute, but his turn is next so he holds off. [continue reading...]

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Active Duty Evan and KadenActive Duty blowjobActive Duty ass eating

Active Duty Videos

Active Duty fuckingMilitary guys fucking

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Evan and Kaden from Active Duty

Evan and Kaden from Active Duty

I was looking through Active Duty this morning deciding what guys I was going to jerk off too and came across Evan and Kaden, who got my already stiff dick even harder and begging for release.

These two guys are simply delicious! They appear on Active Duty, a site with 100% exclusive content, featuring hot military guys. The guys are so real that some active duty soldiers have been discharged after it was discovered they appeared on the site!

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Evan and Kaden from Active DutyEvan and Kaden from Active Duty

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Evan and Kaden from Active Duty

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Straight Boy Orgy

Dallas, Blake, Conrad and DJ ended up in a hot straight boy orgy for Active Duty, the controversial gay porn studio whose owner has found himself in hot water in the past for filming real guys actively serving in the US military. Oops! Sad to say, not only is being in porn grounds for dismissal in the military, doing gay porn -- even if straight -- will probably find you discharged under DADT.

Anyway, straight or gay, they guys really know how to suck big thick military cock and fuck tight assholes. If these Active Duty models are any indication of what being in the military is like, then you're surrounded by hot guys with thick cocks 24x7. Where do I signup?!

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Active Duty Videos