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BelAmi: Vadim Farrell and Ennio Guardi

Today's update features hot Eastern European BelAmi pornstars Vadim Farrell and Ennio Guardi. I'm sure you've heard about BelAmi as they've been around forever, but in short they feature the hottest Eastern Euro models -- all of them have great bodies and most of them have huge uncut dicks. I don't want to date myself, but BelAmi was one of the first pornsites I ever joined and lets just say that this was years and years and years ago.

It has been a long time since BelAmi first blew up by brining us Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston, but BelAmi has not run out of beautiful boys, as evidenced by Vadim Farrell and Ennio Guardi.

A teaser from this episode is below. Click here to watch the entire video or take a free tour of BelAmi.

BelAmi Videos

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The Famous Bel Ami Twins Fuck Bareback

The taboo has been shattered.  Bel Ami finally got the twins to fuck each other and not only are they fucking, they are fucking bareback!

You know, getting twins (or triplets) together is hot enough.  But when he get twins that are as hot as Milo Peters and Elijah Peters, your cock begs for immediate release!  They are so hot and muscular and they have such big digs ... PERFECTION!

You know you want to see the video!  What are you waiting for?  Be one of the first to watch!




More of the Hot and Hung European Twins

The post the other day with the European gay twins was one of the most popular yet.

Because of this, I wanted to bring you more of the hot and hung European gay twins.  This time around they are fucking Dolfph Lambert, another popular BelAmi model.

BelAmi has been around longer than I can remember.  In fact, Johan Paulik was one of my first favorite porn stars.  Oh and Lukas Rigdeston, too!  Yummy!  Those guys started out years ago before BelAmi became as huge as it is.  In fact, they probably owe their success to those two stars.  Johan Paulik is still in the porn business but these days he is directing the films.

Here's the deal:  You can join BelAmi Online for $24.95 for 10 days or $34.95 for 30 days.  Once a member, you will have unlimited access to all of the BelAmi models, along with their content.  Your membership will include lots of fucking by these hot twins as they work their way through all BelAmi models:

BelAmi TwinsBel Ami TwinsBelAmi TwinsBelAmi Twins

Join BelAmi now to watch this video along with all of the other hot BelAmi videos!

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Yup, you read that right!  Twins!  I am talking about twins that actually do things together, too!  They are Bel Ami boys, so you know that the video is hot -- I don't even need to describe it to you...

Bel Ami has been making porn for as long as I can remember.  In fact, the first real gay porn I ever watched was Bel Ami (the first "porn" video I watched was the Simon Rex jerkoff vid and that's only sorta gay).

You've gotta watch these twins go to town.  I've included a few of the photos from the video shoot but you've really to to see it for yourself at Bel Ami!

Bel Ami TwinsTwins from Bel AmiGay Twins Fucking

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