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Dick Dorm Centipenis Video

Dick Dorm Centipenis

Dick Dorm Videos

Dick Dorm's latest update, Centipenis, is a hot one featuring lots of twinkish frat boys that do all kinds of crazy things on video hoping to win the $10,000 prize Dick Dorms gives to students who submit a winning gay sex tape.

This particular update is one of the more creative ones as it's based on a movie many of us know and love. These guys go all out. They get horny and the clothes start to come off and the young bodies start getting pressed against each other. There is even one black guy to give it a hot interracial mix!

After lots of making out and dick sucking, the guys get into a human centipede, link their cocks to each other's asses and go to town.

[hana-flv-player video="/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/dick-dorm-centipenis.mp4" width="540" height="328" description="Dick Dorm Centipenis" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="http://queerlust.com/link/?dickdorm" clicktarget="_blank" /]

Watch the full Dick Dorm Centipenis video now!

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Dick Dorm Fun

Dick Dorm

Have you checked out Dick Dorm? It's an awesome site featuring 100% real amateur submitted videos. They pay up to $10,000 per video, building in lots of incentive for straight guys to go gay -- or at least let their gay college roommate blow them.

They have a few types of frat boy videos on their sites such as bait and switch, closet cases, guys doing it for the money (gay-for-pay) and circle jerks.

Each video can be easily streamed from the members area and has a lot of high quality screen caps that go along with the video.

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Dick Dorm Feel Me

Dick Dorm

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We went out and had a blast last night to celebrate my birthday, which is today. While out, we ran into a bunch of hot frat boys. I went to bed thinking about hot frat boys and woke up still thinking about them. I knew there would be only one way to quench my thirst for hot college guys and that was to head over to Dick Dorm.

Dick Dorm pays up to $10,000 for video tapes of college boys going crazy. They prefer that one or more guys in the video be straight, so they encourage one of the gay guys on campus to get their straight buddies to go gay for pay. When it works out, it ends up on video, which is sold to Dick Dorm in exchange for a fat check. Not a bad deal!

This video was submitted from a fraternity and the guys submitting it say one of the guys is/was 100% straight until this video was made. Can you figure out which? Click here to watch the actual Dick Dorm submission!

Dick Dorm Videos


Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm

I woke up with ridiculous morning wood and headed over to Dick Dorm to get me off.

In this video, straight college guys are going gay in a video that they sold to Dick Dorm for $10,000. If you haven't heard, Dick Dorm pays frat boys money to make a gay video. They suggest to people wanting to submit a tape to use a gay or bi guy as a tool to get the others to do gay stuff. You know, have the gay guy whip his dick out and start jerking it and then offer all of the straight boys a blowjob. Stuff like that. Once they're interested in doing semi-gay stuff, throw in that they can make $10k by putting it on camera. At this point they're usually loosened up from partying all night and agree. That is exactly what happened in this Dick Dorm video.

Click here to watch the video of these straight boys going gay for the very first time!

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