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Haze Him Midnight Raid Frat Hazing Update

Midnight Raid by Haze Him

Haze Him Videos

Imagine being a pledge in a fraternity during hell week. Well, with Haze Him you don't have to imagine because they show you exactly what it's like. How? They buy hazing tapes from fraternities, but the tapes they buy have to meet one criteria: the pledges have to be doing gay shit. The older brothers want the cash and make the pledges do some really humiliating shit in order to get their tape accepted ... like this Midnight Raid video from Haze Him.

From the Haze Him member area:

GET UP GET UP GET UP is all the pledges heard as their alpha brothers rushed in their dorm room in the middle of the night wearing masks and banging on trashcans. As the pledges awoke they were showered with flour and feathers to further confuse them as they still struggled to comprehend what was going down before their eyes. The main brother directed the pledges to strip down before their fraternity and show their loyalty no questions asked. Later the brothers moved the frightened pledges to the shower room where they were hosed down with ice cold water and taunted more by the rest of the frat. It was in that moment where the pledges were given an ultimatum. [...continue reading...]

This is one of the crazier (and hotter) videos out of Haze Him so click here to watch the entire thing!

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Frat Boy Warehouse Party

Frat Boy Warehouse Party

Haze Him Videos

Haze Him has a hot new update out called Warehouse Party that was submitted form a frat on the west coast.

This frat has an annual warehouse party where they terrorize the new pledges by making them do things that are extremely uncomfortable to these straight college dudes such as sucking dick and getting fucked. Poor guys are so desperate to prove how loyal they are to the fraternity that they'll do whatever it takes to get in.

This hot Haze Him video has lots of sucking and fucking. Click here to watch the entire Haze Him Warehouse Party video now.

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FraternityX Late Night Orgy Video

FraternityX Late Night Orgy

FraternityX Videos

The hot new site FraternityX has pumped out another hot update called Late Night Orgy.

Three frat boys were fucking around while partying one night so a fourth grabbed his camera to catch it all. Jackson was facefucking Zack, jabbing his big cock all the way down his throat until he was gagging on it. This turned Zack on and his hardon is raging while this is going on. While sucking, it turns into a full on wrestling match with Jackson trying to continue facefucking Zack's face.

When Zack gets back to sucking Jackson's cock, Conner gets in on the action and him and Jackson take turns on Zack's ass.

Zack is a big cum whore and offers his ass up as a receptacle in this hot FraternityX video.

[hana-flv-player video="http://www.queerlust.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/FX012Trailer-Flash-Large.flv" width="540" height="328" description="FraternityX Late Night Orgy Video" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="http://queerlust.com/link/?fraternityx" clicktarget="_blank" /]

Watch the full video. Click here!


Haze Him DoughNUTS

Haze Him Doughnuts

Haze Him Videos

This weeks Haze Him submission is from a fraternity in Florida, where a party with food gets out of hand. The pledges are hungry because they had to fast for three days to prove their loyalty to the frat. Now that they can eat, their frat brothers decide to have some fun with them and make these college boys 'work' for their food. They can have a doughnut if they're willing to work it off a dick, or they can eat pizza, if they fuck another guy.

Click here to watch this Haze Him Doughnuts video now!

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