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Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen

Amateur Straight Guys Videos

Cliff Jensen is a straight boy that comes from a military family in Florida. Cliff drops by the Amateur Straight Guys how to drop a load for us!

The video starts off with Cliff answering questions about his family, his childhood and his fantasies. After revealing lots of details, he works his now hard big cock out of his shorts, exposing it for us to see and marvel at. He starts jerking his cock and completely forgets that there is a camera watching him. Cliff Jensen is a exhibitionist at heart and loves showing off. He doesn't mind if it's guys getting off to him, he just wants to show off!

Not only does Cliff have a big dick, he also has a great ass, a chiseled chest and just enough tattoos, but not too many. He's perfection! Just when you think it can't get any better, Cliff delivers a huge load of cum!

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Cliff Jensen Fucking

Cliff Jensen Fucking

Cliff Jensen Videos

Back today with a hot new update from Men.com where tatted stud Cliff Jensen pounds the fuck out of eager bottom Ari Sylvio.

First, let's talk about the guys!

Cliff Jensen is a top with a very thick 8" cut cock. He stands at 6'2" and has brown hair and green eyes.

Ari Sylvio is bottom with a 7.5" cut cock. He stands 5'7" and has black hair and green eyes.

Cliff is not only going to school full-time, but he is also working full-time trying to pay for college. No free ride for him, but he learns that Ari Sylvio is known to help students who take him for a ride. Cliff gets word that Ari likes it up the ass and hits on him trying to get him to bed. Cliff Jensen is a god, so it didn't take any convincing for Cliff to get Ari into his office and on all fours begging for Cliff's big cock.

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[hana-flv-player video="/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/LowerMyTuition_scene1_trailer.mp4" width="540" height="328" description="Cliff Jensen" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="http://queerlust.com/link/?men" clicktarget="_blank" /]

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Gay for Pay: Jimmy Fucks Darren for Broke Straight Boys

Gay for Pay: Jimmy and Darren for Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys Videos

Today's hot update is from Broke Straight Boys where we have straight stud Jimmy fucking equally straight Darren. Both of these guys are broke and in desperate need for a cash infusion which they know they can get by pushing their straight boundaries for the world's most popular gay-for-pay site.

From the member's area of the site:

Two of the hottest boys, Jimmy and Darren, are in bed together in this sizzling scene. Today, the boys will be going all the way, with Darren's well formed ass being fucked by Jimmy. As Darren is well known for having a nice butt, I got him to stand up, turn around and pull down his shorts so he could show off his ass. As he did so, Jimmy, being his usual naughty self, couldn't help but give one ass cheek a soft slap. Both Darren and Jimmy were anxious to get the show on the road so with little preamble, the two of them stood up and stripped off naked. Standing side by side, Darren and Jimmy wrapped a hand around their cocks and started to jerk off while watching some straight porn. Mere minutes later, both Darren and Jimmy had cocks that were standing proud. [...read more...]

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Mason Star Gets Fucked by Pierre Fitch

Mason Star Gets Fucked by Pierre Fitch

Cocky Boys Videos

I've seen Pierre Fitch bottom in a lot of movies, but it's rare that we get to see him top. Pierre tops the fine tight ass of Mason Star in this awesome Cocky Boys video.

It turns out that Pierre is quite the expert with his rod and Mason is an eager bottom that enjoys having Pierre's big cock fill his ass. Pierre may look all sweet and innocent, but he is an insatiable sex machine and a nymphomaniac that cannot get enough cock ... and Mason Star is a perfect match, keeping up with Pierre's stroke and serving up his ass as Pierre's temple.

Mason's is so into Pierre that he starts shooting his big load far while Pierre is still pounding his ass. Only after his bottom is spent and satisfied does Pierre blow his own big load!

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