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I just stumbled across a new celebrity sex site called Twink Celebs Only.  I really cannot figure out why they call it that, because it's not just twinks ... I'd describe it as younger male celebrities.

I stumbled across some amazing Brad Pitt naked photos.  I also found some great Jake Gyllenhaal photos and a ton of other male celebrities.  I am quite impressed and will stay a member for awhile to see what else they come up with.

Check it out...

Jake Gyllenhaal Naked


Ryan Kwanten aka Jason Stackhouse in the Buff!

At first I only watched True Blood because of the character Jason Stackhouse.  He is a fucking hottie x3!  Then I actually started getting addicted to the storyline. I owe my True Blood obsession to Ryan Kwanten (the guy who plays Jason).

The site Bare Male Celebs has a ton of Jason Stackhouse naked photos (in addition to the naked photos of just about every other hot male celebrity ever caught naked).  They did all of the hard work for us and recorded each episode and took screen caps where he bares his ass, which is A LOT!  I am not allowed to show those photos on Queer Lust but you can peep them here.


Guess the Celebrity Cock!

Above is the cock of a celebrity.  It's not a "faked" naked photo, it is the real deal.

Can you guess who it is (there is a hint in the photo name for those the crafty ones)?  You may remember it from when the news broke about these photos or maybe not.

Oh, what the hell, here is another hint: Chicken of the Sea!

We all know that there are a ton of faked celebrity nude photos on the net.  There are also a ton of real ones and Bare Male Celebs is one of those sites that feature the real ones.  They also have most of the famous sex tapes that leak.  Hell, for extra measure they even have the old Simon Rex jack off tape -- they leave no nude male celebrity stone unturned!  Ryan Philippe? Check! Ryan Reynolds? Check!  I could go on and on naming the naked male celebrities at Bare Male Celebs.

Don't take my word for it though -- join for a buck using this special link!


Ryan Reynolds Naked

Ryan Reynolds has starred in a lot of movies during his time in Hollywood.  What you may not know is that he's also spent a lot of time naked in his scenes.

Here are two of the milder screen caps of movies he's done where he is showing his ass.

Bare Male Celebs is one of my favorite nude male celebrities sites and has a great deal where you can join for just $2.95. Rest assured, Bare Male Celebs not only has a lot of pics of Ryan Reynolds naked, but also a lot of pics of your favorite nude male celebrities.

See All Ryan Reynolds Naked Photos

Ryan Reynolds Nude

Ryan Reynolds Naked